I read the text about the backfire, a kind of mechanism of “defence” of the brain which is very strong on people that lacks education or information.

This mechanism acts making people strongly against facts which are very different of what he or she believes or knows.

I can state that is something that really happens, because I already saw it in action.

Making me wonder how can we contour this mechanism of defence and use it in a favorable way?



It seems to me that my time is one of my most prized belongings. This is because people pay for our time in the work, we pay for the time which someone spend in making some clothes or some product.

It is really strange to see our time as something very special and important but it is. The americans have a maxim “Time is Money” this thinking represent just what I think.

I was just able to realize that because I am in vacation and I can see my time passing and a strange feeling appearing which makes me wonder: “am I throwing something away?”.

To mind, I guess the main reason that we spend our free time is to not see our time pass.


Finally I can have my vacation. But I still have to post anyway.

So I decided to post about something more different, like food.

Now, because my vacation, I have to cook my lunch. Which is not a bad thing at all, because I can finally learn how to master the noble art of cooking.

The frist dish that I am trying to learn is spagetti. I never ever though it would be so difficult to learn the right form to prepare this dish, I’m just  saying that because I burned myself at least three times, but now I’m mastering the right technic of the spagetti.

But the tomato sauce is another history.


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Well, today I will talk a little bit about my project on UnB.

I’m working on a special technological lab to creat 3D sculptures, at least for now. In this work I have to model 2 beings of a book of poetry write by an Argentine.

For now I have to model a Grifo, a being half eagle and half lion.

I started to make it in this week and still on the very beginning of the process.

I will put some pictures of the actual stage, so you can comment.

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Fast Style

Today I had a strange feeling and come to mind to see Speed Racer (Click Here To See the Trailer).

I find it diverting, fantastic and now I like white sports car.

The action scenes are are full of stunning colors like a video game or some kind of caleidoscope.

I think any kid would hypnotized by the colors.

One of my favorite part of the film is all the sequence related to the rally, is so cool the way the race, how the main pilots reacts to the danger, how they drive on curves and the way they bring this to the family side.

For me: Speed Racer is a film which brings fun to all the members of the family.


Every week I have to post something related to my english class, this post is the first of this kind.

I will talking about one of the features I observed on class, the Listening.

Listening, for me, is one of the most important parts of the communication, not only because it makes part of the test which I’m going to take. But because it is very important in conversations to the receptor understand what is transmitted.

So I decided to visited my teacher blog on the resources part (Click Here To Access It) and went to the listening part, there I decided to hear some podcasts.

It’s interesting to listen the differences between the accents and focus on understanding what is being said. It’s a self  motivational process, because the more you hear, more you improve your listening capabilities.

First Post

It’s funny the feeling of posting my very frist post, makes me Special Guy

feel special, as you can see on the picture.

This blog was created to publish posts related to my english classes

and things that comes from mind.